Eko SMS Landing


The very high potential of SMS in marketing campaigns is well established, yet you have to have the right tools.
EkoSMS is our most complete solution for companies wishing to communicate effectively with their customers.
Our solution for sending SMS campaigns is simple,
fast and intuitive. To send a campaign, 4 steps are enough:
1. Give a name to the campaign
2. Select the contacts
3. Personalize the message
4. Choose the date and time of sending
Cible Landing 2

What Are The Features

  • Management of SMS campaigns, Enriched SMS, birthdays and emails
  • Immediate or deferred sending, campaign splitting
  • Personalization of campaigns
  • National and international SMS
  • Address book with custom fields
  • Campaign statistics
  • Ability to reprogram already sent campaigns
  • Management of users and managers and supervision of all operations
  • Available on PC, smartphones and tablets
  • Blacklist and STOP management